Barbara Burlingame

Barbara has developed an artistic style which displays a great deal of depth and versatility. Her paintings are rich with color, design and imagination. Each piece incorporates a unique combination of the abstract and the realistic. Barbara begins with an abstract use of whimsical pattern with vibrant color, and then blends into this image such diverse themes as imaginative patchwork, landscapes and interiors. Barbara utilizes handmade papers made by artists in the US. She then shapes the paper into fans, straws and other shapes. She also utilizes found objects into her patterns. Her skill and ability uses unusual and diverse patterns in her artwork and makes them work together. Like Barbara, her artwork is a reflection of the joy and happiness she finds in everyday life. Her work is a personal statement of her artistic insight and sensitivity of life.

Collectors of her work range from the seasoned and sophisticated, to young, new buyers of art. A true romanticist and skilled artist, Barbara Burlingame’s paintings by their very nature lend themselves to unlimited ideas and feelings, and evoke an active involvement with the viewer.

Reflecting the uplifting joyous feeling of Barbara Burlingame’s work are her collectors, which include Humana Hospital, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, AT&T, Diversified Investment, as well as numerous doctors’ offices and private collectors.